Manaslu Region

Manaslu is an important conservation area in the mountain region. The Manaslu region is bordering the Annapurna conservation areas in the west and the Tibetan plateau in the north and the east. The Manaslu region lies in the Gorkha district to the northwest of Kathmandu valley. Basically, it falls in a trekking area and the region's altitude rises from a mare 600m to 8163m, the summit of Mt. Manaslu, the eighth highest peak in the world. The Manaslu ecotourism project has been in operation in the region since 1997. The project's main objective is to deliver various benefits from tourism to the local community while minimizing adverse environmental impact through the development of eco-tourism. This area was almost all destroyed by a massive earthquake on 25 April 2015, which was much closed from the epic center. Now, this area is almost constructed by the local and governments of Nepal and they are ready to welcome the tourist.

The Manaslu area offers a classic setting for trekkers. The trekking route in the region follows the Budigandaki River before reaching the Lrkya-La pass (5110m) and crossing into the Manang district of the Annapurna conservation area. The region is home to 29 species of mammals including the elusive snow leopard, Musk deer, and the Himalayan Thar. There are more than 20 species of bird and 50 species of useful plants. Shikhar adventure design the perfect different trekking package in the region for adventure lovers. Please feel free to contact us for more detailed information about the Manaslu trekking. We are ready to design your perfect holiday plan in the Himalayas of Nepal.