Wildlife Tour

A wildlife tour is the best way to see a different kinds of flora and fauna in Nepal. All the wildlife tours in the national park of the Terai region. Chitwan national park, Bardiya national park, and Koshitappu wildlife conservation area is the main attraction for a wildlife tour. The all-national park located especially in the Terai region in Nepal attracts visitors from all over the world. A visit to these parks involves game stalking by a variety of means-foot, dugout canoe, jeep safari, fishing, bird watching, elephant back safari, and many more. One is bound to sight one horned rhino or two at every elephant safari.  Besides the rhino, wild boar, samburs, spotted deer, sloth bear, four-horned antelope, and many birds are also seen in the wildlife tour. A Royal Bengal tiger may surprise you with its majestic appearance in the national park.

Nature walk or jungle walk is another way of experiencing the wilderness. In fact, a jungle walk gives closed-up opportunities to see the animal as well as observe their tracks, signs, and sounds. These wildlife areas very hot during the day so early morning and late afternoon walks are the best to avoid the midday heat. Dugout canoe trips down the Rapti River after a view of some water animals and birds, brilliant blue Eurasian kingfishers, egrets, osprey, and the ruddy Sheldrake. You need to bring your binoculars along the jungle walk easily to see the wildlife. A jeep safari through the jungle provides more game spotting opportunities than might be expected otherwise because it goes deeper into the jungle, usually beyond the beaten track. After the thrill of an elephant ride nature walk and jeep safari, you can splash around in the swimming pools in the resort.

In the evening you can enjoy with culture program as they provide a Tharu culture program every evening. Shikhar adventure design some packages for a wildlife adventure in Nepal. Please feel free to contact us for more detailed information. We are ready to design your perfect holiday plan in the nation of Nepal.